Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring Reporting

Every DNSnetworks server comes with monitoring resources at no additional cost. So you can access reports to check your cloud infrastructure performance at any time.

If you need more control over your network and want to be a bit more involved, we offer several additional options to meet advanced tracking and reporting needs for greater awareness and visibility.


Stay on Top

Get access to server logs and performance reports without keeping watch all day.


ENT Monitoring

Build your own server tracking solution with DNSnetworks Enterprise Monitoring Portal.


Worry Free

Don’t worry about your servers. If anything goes wrong, we can alert you, or even respond for you.

Standard Monitoring

Standard with every DNSnetworks server.
DNS Monitoring (Basic)

DNSnetworks , standard with every server, provides detailed graphing and invaluable customizable alarms, so you can always have an eye on your servers. Compare the levels of service in the table below.

Host Ping + IPMI Statistics

24×7 access to strength, distance, and network availability for all services.

Email/Ticket Notification

Immediate email/ticket alerts for any urgent issues requiring your attention.

Additional Monitoring Services

Higher levels of control, tracking and reporting for greater awareness and visibility.
Services for Host + IPMI Statistics

Add greater infrastructure visibility and port scanning capabilities to standard Host + IPMI Statistics.

Automated Reboot from Audit Failure

Automatic server reboot when system failure is detected.

DNS Monitoring (Advanced or Premium)

Extends Basic tier DNS tracking features with additional agents. See below for more information.

24x7x365 NOC Tracking

Network engineers actively audit servers and provide immediate response and personalized notification of alert or failure.

prtg monitoring

DNSnetworks Monitoring Versions

Advanced monitoring for total solution visibility.

Get the information you need to optimize your servers’ performance and availability. DNS lets you track a wide variety of statistics from Windows and Linux and application stacks, all from within our Web portal.

Private Network Monitoring Services

Basic Advanced Premium
Comprehensive infrastructure and services visibility
High-levels of security, availability, and scalability
Tiered tracking levels to meet targeted business objectives and demands
Robust APIs for extensive integration
Network Traffic  
DHCP Response  
File and Directory Checking Agent  
LDAP Response  
Mounted File System  
SNMP Data    
Web Service    
DNS Response    
Email Response    
Java Server    
Advanced HTTP Response    

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