IT Managed Services

DNSnetworks specializes in IT Managed Services for businesses either remotely managed or onsite in Ottawa, Canada, while also focusing on system security, data protection, IT infrastructures, call center management, and private virtual cloud hosting environments.

DNSnetworks provides a wide range of managed IT service offerings to businesses between 15 to 1000+ employees. Organizations have the choice of leveraging our skills for their entire IT infrastructure or simply a piece of it. Our trained system engineers have a broad range of skills, from core networks and enterprise systems, to application development and data security.

When you need to sustain a stable IT environment for your organization and utilize technology to create additional business value in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to talk to the experts like DNSnetworks.

Our experienced team of IT professionals can take any business challenge and render a timely solution with style and precision. We are trained and have experience with the latest technologies; and will provide you with the best solution for you.

Managed IT Services for business

How important is your office IT network’s reliability? The answer is the same for all businesses: extremely. That’s why you quickly need to know when something goes wrong. But planning, building, maintaining and managing your office’s IT infrastructure is a resource- and cost-intensive responsibility.

DNSnetworks’ Fully Managed IT service solutions gives you all the advantages of a fully managed solution without the capital expenditures and resource limitations.

In addition to designing and building a network infrastructure to support your business strategy, our experts also manage day-to-day maintenance, proactively monitor your network environment and rapidly respond to potential problems. The result? Your organization mitigates network failures, enjoys augmented internal capacity and benefits from detailed network performance reports – while retaining control of your network.


Our Fully Managed Office Solution enable you to:

  • Extend your IT capabilities without increasing your headcount or making capital-intensive investments
  • Increase productivity and customer loyalty by improving your network performance
  • Reduce network downtime by relying on DNSnetworks to proactively monitor your network and fix problems before they affect your business

  • Monitor network performancewith extensive web-based performance reports that chart network volume, health, data quality and utilization
  • Monitor system performance to be proactive on issues as they arise, before reacting after the problem has already begun!
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing IT services management rather than maintaining internal monitoring tools and network professionals


From basic services to a complete custom solution, DNSnetworks’ expertise in designing, installing, managing and maintaining your network infrastructure facilitates worry-free networking, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Dependable Support
DNSnetworks delivers world-class monitoring and management from our state-of-the-art Enterprise Management Centres to ensure network infrastructure support 24/7/365.

DNSnetworks guarantees and backs up our promise to give businesses the highest level of service and support for your business.

For more information about Managed Network IT Services and other managed services, contact our sales engineers at, or call us at +1.866.720.7162

Security Services Solution

Managed network security IT services protects your corporate network and information assets with 24/7 monitoring, reporting, and support from DNSnetworks Ottawa based network engineers. With new security threats identified every day, many organizations struggle to maintain and update their firewalls. This service addresses the challenges posed by a lack of time, resources, and expertise.

The Managed network security service offers 24/7 management of a (Cisco ASA) security network appliance that we will install right on your premises. This security devices protects corporate office networks while providing users with highly secure access to data and network resources – anytime, anywhere, using any device. traffic filter ensures protection between your corporate network and the Internet.

In addition to securing your network perimeter, we ensure that communications between your organization and partners is segregated. DNSnetworks IT services also handles complex wireless and voice options, allowing for encrypted and/or dedicated VLAN data transmission across the network.

The Managed Security solution is available in standard and premium packages.


  • Testing and application of all required firewall device updates
  • Firewall device file backup and storage
  • Notification and resolution of firewall-related issues
  • Firewall reports on network volume, device uptime, response time, plus a monthly summary
  • 24/7 access to our help desk
  • Notifications in the event of an operational exception

Hardware & Virtual Security Device Specialties.

  1. HP Procurve networking appliances
  2. Cisco ASA firewall & Ironport appliances.
  3. Juniper Netscreen and JunOS.
  4. Palo Alto Firewalls
  5. StoneSoft network security appliance.
  6. Virtual based firewalls: Juniper, McAfee, Sophos, etc.
  7. Open Source firewalls: pfsense, smoothwall, etc.

For more information about Managed Security solution and other managed services, contact our technical sales engineers at +1.866.720.7162.

Dedicated Managed Servers

Our Managed Servers offering is the smart way to have dedicated servers rented and assigned to your organization, without all the associated capital costs and ongoing management and maintenance hassles.

With DNSnetworks IT services, you have access to dedicated server resources that don’t require an upfront hardware investment of thousands of dollars. You also don’t have to worry about the effort and costs for ongoing management and maintenance, or having to tie up valuable in-house IT staff.

We will provision and configure a single or multiple servers dedicated for your use, and then monitor, manage and maintain them on an ongoing basis to keep them in top running condition – all for a single and very reasonable monthly fee.

Your own dedicated servers

Your dedicated servers will be housed in one of our state-of-the-art datacentres.

As your dedicated servers are housed in one of our datacentres, and you’ll have access to backup and security services that set the standards for the industry.

And as your business grows and your hardware and bandwidth requirements increase, we can upgrade your dedicated servers or add additional dedicated servers quickly and affordably.

Features & Benefits


Use your dedicated servers as your primary computing model, or as a complement to things you may be doing in the cloud or within a DNSnetworks colocation facility. As your business grows, your dedicated server(s) can be easily expanded and upgraded, or additional servers added, to accommodate changes or growth in your computing needs.


Save thousands of dollars on upfront hardware purchase costs and ongoing maintenance costs. All you pay is one low monthly fee. And because your fee is fixed and regular, IT budgeting is simpler.


Our support staff will provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance for your dedicated managed server hardware and network connectivity. In the event of a hardware failure, your dedicated server will be replaced at no cost with a mean time to recovery (MTTR) of 4 hours.


Your dedicated managed server will be hosted at one of our 2 main Canadian Datacentres with the availability now also in our newest location in Miami, FL.

Call Center Support

Customer Service is an integral part of growing business and increasing revenues. Good customer service is what brings customers back and inspires “word of mouth” by not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations, and becoming any organization’s strongest marketing and selling tool.

We understand the value of Customer Service and have developed the provisioning of services to our clients with Customer Service as our priority, and we ensure we work with the same focus and commitment in providing Customer Service to your customers.

We become an extension of your company by using custom scripts and screens according to your specifications, assuming your company’s image anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer service and presence enables us to provide services for local and national companies, giving our clients the competitive advantage.

VPN Services

Companies selecting an IP VPN architecture-MPLS, IPSec, PPTP, and SSL-need to consider their business needs because there is no single best choice. In fact, many enterprises are best served by some combination of the three architectures. Being in Datacentre management, DNSnetworks can help facilitate the transition to a more robust network connection for your business.

The choice of architecture has wide-reaching effects, including flexibility, reliability and most importantly cost.

DNSnetworks has the expertise to provide a solution that fits your businesses needs. Wether your a business of 10 employees or 100, we can help implement a solution that works.

Here are a couple common solutions we would recommend:

Remote Access SSL VPN

  • Allows you to provide one or more employees with web based VPN access so they can access resources located inside your corporate office from any remote location.
  • The SSL VPN access will create a virtual “secure tunnel” from the teleworker working abroad, to your corporate office in a matter of seconds.
  • Each user will have a unique username and password.

Site to Site VPN

  • Connect two or more corporate offices (each protected by a firewall) with a virtual “secure tunnel”.
  • All data transmitted to and from each office will be encrypted using today’s encryption standards.
  • DNSnetworks will configure and monitor the tunnel in between each site through our real-time monitoring solution.

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