Assessment & Auditing

IT Consulting

DNSnetworks wants to help you leverage maximum value from your technology investments, while minimizing risk.

We achieve this through the use of widely accepted best-practices and industry-standard frameworks, such as ITIL, and the Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization (IO) model. Simply said, by analyzing the existing infrastructure and providing a solution that meets your expectations in terms of service availability.

The Microsoft IO model, for example, lets us take a systematic and structured approach to assessing the maturity of your IT environment – from application infrastructure, business continuity and cloud computing, to mobility, security and virtualization, and many other IT domains in between.

Our experienced IT consultants & business analysts will:

  • Profile your current infrastructure
  • Establish optimization goals
  • Identify any existing gaps
  • Build an IT roadmap identifying improvement opportunities
  • Prioritize recommended projects and investments

We can help you position IT as a strategic business asset that helps your organization overcome business challenges and seize new business opportunities.

Auditing Services

Information Technology and the IT Department are critically important to today’s organizations.

We believe that an invaluable part of IT governance and ensuring continued smooth operations is to periodically assess the direction, capabilities and performance of your IT environment.

To help you conduct such assessments, we offer IT auditing services that measure the maturity of your IT processes against internationally recognized best-practice standards by addressing:

  • Overall performance of IT systems & resources
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Your security posture & compliance
  • Gaps/potential areas of improvement in IT service delivery
  • Opportunities for improved efficiency & effectiveness
  • Readiness for major IT projects
  • IT budgets & staffing

Our IT Auditing Services, which can be delivered separately or as a complete IT Risk Assessment package, include:

  • IT Security Audit using specialized tools to capture critical information regarding your IT environment.
  • Information Management Audit; What data is available to any and all individuals in your environment.

IT Strategy & Roadmap

Your IT should have a well-defined strategy that aligns closely with your organization’s overall business objectives and an IT roadmap geared to helping your organization implement its business plan.

Both the strategy and roadmap are necessary in order to leverage maximum value from IT investments and to position IT as a strategic asset capable of generating business value rather than being just a cost centre.

While this may be a simple concept, many in IT management lack the time or skills to make this happen.

Companies across Canada and now all over the US are using DNSnetworks to keep their IT strategy up-to-date and following a path that will yield continuous improvement in IT infrastructure maturity and quality IT service delivery.

The DNSnetworks team of experienced consultants and business analysts will work with your organization to create strategy that speak directly to how you will use technology to help your organization overcome business challenges and seize new business opportunities.

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