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MS Hosted Exchange Email Service – Dnsnetworks Hosted Exchange Email Server , Hosted Email Security Filtering, Active Directory Synchronization, Managing your Exchange mailboxes with ease

Are you still managing your Exchange Server?

Mailstratus, a division of DNSnetworks Enterprises based in Ottawa, Canada, offering a Canadian based low cost Corporate Email solution that can be easily migrated from your existing email provider to our Microsoft Hosted Exchange environment. Microsoft Exchange provides you with features like; device synchronization and full compatibility, shared calendars, contacts and premium spam filtering. Our Mailstratus Hosted Exchange division is owned and operated by DNSnetworks and is located in both our Ottawa and Vancouver , Canadian datacentres. More information regarding our Mailstratus division can be found here.

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Uptime Guarantee

When your email is down, so is your business. We know how downtime impacts your productivity and your bottom line. That’s why we back our Hosted Microsoft Exchange system with a money back guarantee. Don’t take our word for it, take a look our at our real-time service monitoring here (updated every 60 seconds) .

All our maintenance windows and service status updates can also be found at the top of our home page under Service Status.

Improved security

Our Mailstratus Microsoft Hosted Exchange division offers your organization with included premium email security “spam” filtering services through our best-of-breed Cisco appliances. In addition, our datacentres are located in Canada in order to meet strict government of canada privacy laws for businesses in Canada. All our email traffic is sent and received using 256-bit TLS encryption which guarantees another level of protection for your sensitive private communication. To learn more about our email security gateways and how they continuously protect your sensitive data, click here.


Protect your Business with Offsite Microsoft Exchange

Not ready to move your email to the cloud? Combine your on-premise Microsoft Exchange server with a private “hybrid” cloud based Exchange Server to give you that piece of mind you need. When uptime, privacy and security is your concern, why not keep a passive copy of mailbox database in real-time through DNSnetworks private cloud. This allows for offsite exchange server backup plan  in case of hardware failure and or any other type of disaster. Take no risk when it comes to IT requirements. Learn more about our offsite Microsoft Exchange Protection by clicking here.

Fully compatible with Apple and PC

Microsoft designed Exchange to work with Outlook® on PCs, Apple and all mobile devices. That means you can collaborate with your entire organization around the world using shared calendars, contacts, and tasks.


Managing your Exchange mailboxes with ease

Manage all your organization’s email accounts using our Citrix Management Panel, including passwords, distribution groups, contacts, and mailbox permissions. Delegate administrators in your organizations with certain roles to perform certain tasks. DNSnetworks provides walkthroughs of our system for all our new registered customers.

Delegated administration to your Exchange services

Save time and money: delegate day-to-day administrative tasks within your management portal to employees within your organization. Resellers now have the ability to provision and manage all their customers within one easy to use portal. Enable helpdesks to quickly disable or enable customers and users, view password expiry and Microsoft Active Directory account status, plus investigate any user related issues. Customize views and functions for specific users and for diverse business needs.

Customer self-service for hosted Exchange automation

Customers can self-manage their Exchange services, and perform day-to-day account management without calling DNSnetworks. Workflow approval streamlines administration while retaining final approval rights, controlling costs. Available in seven languages, DNSnetworks Exchange Management Portal meets the personal needs of today’s global end users of Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

Resellers are welcome here at DNSnetworks

View and update your customer information, track changes and receive scheduled mailbox statistics.  Manage a hierarchy of customers with respective levels of access.

Flexible, extensible management portal

Extend our Management Portal to work with new and existing environments, plus integrate with an ecosystem of technology partners for additional functionality. With organizations using their own Active Directory environment, why not facilitate the transition to Hosted Microsoft Exchange by integrating AD Sync and link your passwords, account attributes from your in office environments into Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

Active Directory Synchronization

Active Directory Synchronization (AD Sync) is a utility that performs a one way synchronization from a customers windows environment to our cloud hosted database, providing customers a single point to create, modify or delete Exchange Mailboxes Users and Service Users.

Active Directory Synchronization will make the end user experience even better with password synchronization which synchronizes their local domain password with their email password, providing end users with one password. New customers migrating to Hosted Exchange will benefit greatly by being able to easily duplicate their Active Directory structure withing Exchange using the AD Sync utility. DNSnetworks Hosted Exchange Solutions team , based in Ottawa, Canada charges a one-time setup fee of $99.95 for AD Sync, with a monthly service charge starting at $34.99.

Architecture Overview

AD Sync Features

User Account Synchronization

  • Name Synchronization
    sync name additions, deletions, modifications, etc.
  • Contact Info Synchronization
    sync contact additions, deletions, modifications, etc.
  • Membership Synchronization
    sync user group memberships
  • Password Synchronization
    sync password changes
  • Selective Attribute Synchronization
    sync address, phone number, title, etc.

Instant Provisioning

  • Instant User Account Provisioning
  • Instant Exchange Mailbox Provisioning

Administrative Features

  • Distribution Groups Synchronization
    sync member list changes for groups
  • Address Book Synchronization
    syncs contact information from local AD
  • SSL encryption over public networks
    secure sync from customer to DNSnetworks Hosted Exchange
  • Encryption for passwords
    password syncs are encrypted prior to sending to Hosted Exchange

Hosted Email Security Gateway

Hosted Email Security Filtering

Customers of all sizes face the same daunting challenges – higher message volumes and new, evolving email threats. DNSnetworks’ Email Security solution provides superior protection and control with the cost-effective convenience of a hosted model. Based on the same industry-leading technology that protects 40 percent of Fortune 1000 companies from inbound and outbound email threats, our Email Security solution allows customers to reduce their on-site hardware footprint and out task the management of their email security filtering to trusted security experts like DNSnetworks. Trust your email communication to a Canadian based IT firm with a proven track record since 2003.

How do we differ from others ?

Our solution uses best-of-breed Cisco Email Security Servers. Our Canadian service provides the most scalable and sophisticated email security available today. Exclusive preventive and adaptive technology including spam protection, data loss prevention (DLP), virus defense, email authentication, tracking and reporting tools,  and a responsive IT support desk based in Ottawa, Canada. Let us help your business combat against email vulnerabilities today.
Our IT managed services team can take care  of the migration and implementation of the service into your existing environment, with no impact and off hours integration at no additional cost. We act as the middle man to your on-premise mail systems in order to protect you from email headaches.

Seamless End to End Email Transport Encryption

Your emails can travel through many different servers before they reach the intended mailbox.  Our cloud based Email Security solution secures your email by encrypting it during transport using Transport Layer Security (TLS) via AES 256-bit encryption.

If you are sending a sensitive email, you can rest assure your emails are seamlessly transferred and encrypted during transmission. Our solution enforces policies to ensure that your organization complies with regulations designed to protect customer data, such as HIPAA.

All of the encryption in the world is meaningless if your emails don’t get delivered securely and on-time. In the event of a disruption in your email server, our solution will be queued for up to 96 hours. An alternate destination can also be specified for delivery if delivery to the primary destination fails. For more information regarding this service, please visit our solutions page and our contact our Ottawa based IT sales staff for more questions.


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