Hardware Rentals for Startups

Hardware Rentals for Startups

Businesses of all sizes have to make crucial decisions. DNSnetworks can help you decide how to procure your IT equipment, which for most businesses can be up there with the toughest of them. Without the most basic of hardware, capitalizing on remote monitoring, IT security, and all the services you want to provide is just not a reality. While buying what you need is ideal, leasing is becoming a viable alternative and DNSnetworks can help your business make this simple decision.The Highs and Lows of Leasing IT Hardware

Low upfront costs. Leasing is an attractive option because it allows you to obtain the hardware assets you need without necessarily having a lot of money. Instead of paying $5,000 for a new server, you might only have to pay $150 every month with little to no upfront costs. Leasing equipment is a great option for startups and other companies that are looking for a predictable model that keeps operating expenses and cash-flow in control.

Tech-friendly arrangements. Technology becomes outdated quickly. The high-tech computer you buy today will be dwarfed by another model next year. Renting your equipment will usually keep you on par with the technological curve. It may cost you a bit more, but you generally have immediate access to the latest technology on the market. DNSnetworks leasing comes with additional support services that cover updates, patches, and ongoing maintenance.

Flexible payment options. I’m sure you’re familiar with the rent-to-own chains that let you nickel and dime your way to ownership. The same type of stores exist for computer hardware. In this scenario, leasing becomes a long-term investment that furnishes your IT room with all the parts that are essential to your network. Leasing can be so flexible that you’ll feel like a negotiating genius when securing an arrangement that accommodates your budget and operating needs.

Higher overall costs. The downside to the lease concept is that you come out of a lot more money in the long run. With interest rates, monthly payments and other fees, you could end up paying thousands more than had you simply purchased the hardware outright. Even if you’re renting to own, your hardware may depreciate to a point where it has very little value by the time your contract is up with the hardware company, resulting in a bargain that isn’t as great as it seemed initially.

DNSnetworks also has the option for your startup to go hybrid. This means, that you could lease your workstations but leverage the DNSnetworks Cloud for your server(s). In the Infrastructure-as-as-Service (IaaS) as model, companies can procure the networking resources needed to run their applications, store their data, and manage their operation on a day to day basis. Since the assets are administered in a virtual environment, you technically don’t have to deal with any hardware as it is physically maintained by the service provider. With private and public arrangements available, cloud computing is arguably the most flexible hardware solution for managed service providers in need.

The right path to procuring IT equipment is a situational thing. Buying can help you save money and control your destiny. Leasing can help you stretch your dollar and grow the business at your own pace. The DNSnetworks cloud can provide you with all the on-demand flexibility you can ask for at the price of risks that are still being determined. Put your own list of questions together and find out what works best for your situation.

Let DNSnetworks help your organization free up some capital so you can focus on what’s most important….your business. Get started today!


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