Cloud Secure File Sharing

Cloud File Sharing

Cloud File Sharing , Access corporate data from anywhere , Just Like Dropbox ,enable employees to work in ways an efficient way.

Access corporate data from anywhere

Whether you want to work while on vacation or download documents on a business trip, DNSnetworks’ File Sharing system gives you easy access to your business shared folders, on all of your devices, regardless of where you are. Everything stored on the File Shares is accessed via AES 256-bit encryption over SSL/TLS security protocols. Point. Click. Share. That’s how simple it is for you, your colleagues and your customers to share large files with confidence. No downloads, no plugins, no problems.

Search files from your mobile device

You can also search right from the app, just type in the name of the file you’re looking for and the system will find it for you. The File Sharing mobile phone app (for Android or iPhone) lets you upload and download files and browse the contents of your folders including those others have invited you to share. When you find the file you¹re looking for simply tap it to open, then go ahead and use it as you would on a Mac or Windows PC.

Stay productive with the mobile app

Today we work 24×7 and often it’s away from the office. To stay connected we use our mobile phones for email and business, even on vacation. When roaming, service provider data rates can get expensive and it’s hard to send and receive large files. This is where our online File Sharing ability to send links to files can really help especially when files are several megabytes in size. Just swipe the file you’d like to send and a simple email linking the file is created for you to mail to the recipient. Then they just click the link to download the file directly from the online file share and not from your phone.

Integrates with other applications

Today, everyone in business has their mobile phone no matter where they are, but sometimes it’s difficult to access your Mac or Windows PC when you need to open an important file in an application like Microsoft Word. If you’re one of our Online File Sharing user there is no problem because you can tap the file’s name and the file will automatically open in your preferred app. Any edits made to the file will be saved and will automatically sync with other locations. By using your mobile phone you can safely and securely access your files and work on them anytime, anywhere!

Syncs Like Dropbox

For modern business users, traditional file servers and network systems have become a hindrance to sharing and collaboration. Users must navigate a shared drive hierarchy to find files within unintuitive structures created by other users and are required to use slow and unreliable VPNs for remote access. The File Share sync or drive mapper tool removes these limitations by enabling employees to work in ways that are identical to those they enjoy from popular cloud services but safely within the work environment. Users are able to personally organize shared files and folders on their computers in a way that makes sense to them, access those files from mobile devices, and sync data from home, office, or on the road.

Versions allow users to recover their own data

Our Online File Sharing system has a powerful feature that enables users to restore older versions of files that have been accidentally overwritten and also recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted. Unlike competing solutions that require premium services to store more than a few versions, our online file sharing tool will preserve up to 60 days of versions as long as there is space available on the device. These capabilities are especially useful when collaborating with other team members on a fast moving project. Users and administrators can also see a full audit trail of changes including who took those actions and when.

Read-Only folders

Today we work 24×7 and often it’s away from the office. To stay connected we use our mobile phones for email and business, even on vacation. When roaming, service provider data rates can get expensive and it’s hard to send and receive large files. This is where our online file sharing system has the ability to send links to files can really help especially when files are several megabytes in size. Just swipe the file you’d like to send and a simple email linking the file is created for you to mail to the recipient. Then they just click the link to download the file directly from the online web portal and not from your phone.


Many systems require users to attach large files to emails in order to share these files with colleagues. Often email systems have file size limitations and large files can be difficult to send without breaking the file into sections and sending portions in multiple emails. Then the recipient has to rebuild the file, how frustrating this whole process is especially in a fast paced corporate environment.

Our online file sharing system offers users a better option; instead of sending a file within an email you simply send the link with a path name directly to the file. If the recipient has already been invited to share the file, they already have the appropriate permissions to share the file. By clicking on the link the recipient can open the file and use it remotely or sync it locally to their device. This technique saves network bandwidth and a significant amount of unwanted frustration. At no time during this process is security compromised. Later, should you desire, you can revoke sharing with the recipient and this will stop the file from syncing with this person. Any files downloaded via the link process will be deleted from the recipient’s devices.

Better than Dropbox – Access non-synced data right inside Finder or Explorer

Files stored on file sharing web portal  can be accessed on your computer even if not synced to its hard drive. Unlike other cloud services which would require you to access non-synced files via a separate website, with Transporter you can browse them right inside Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You can open or share the files just like you would with files you synced locally, much easier!

Secure links

File Share Sync App gives users the ability to easily and securely create and share links to individual files stored on their company’s File shares. In addition to standard links like those offered by any other cloud service a client can optionally choose to use Direct Links. Direct Links allow the sharing of files in a way that bypasses any form of cloud storage for 100% private file sharing via a web browser plugin that ensures a secure and encrypted transfer.

Sync special folders

The File Sharing System creates one window to your digital world, keeping all work files organized by optionally syncing your desktop, document, photo, music, and video folders across your devices. No matter which device you’re currently using, any files dropped on your desktop or other special folder are synced, protected and assessable from anywhere.

Protect data with best-in-class security and reliability

Third-party validated application and datacenter controls from SOC 2 and SSAE 16 audits. Bank-level encryption in transit and at rest. Multiple data storage locations in Canada only for privacy reasons. 99.9 percent uptime. Control over individual files or folders. Detailed activity reports. Remote wipe for lost devices. And more. Yep, we take security seriously.

Encrypt emails and bypass attachment restrictions.

The File Sharing  Plugin for Microsoft Outlook easily encrypts email messages, and both it and the Kloudless Plugin for Gmail automatically convert any attachments to secure links. You’ll add security, bypass file-size restrictions and eliminate bouncebacks — whether it’s one attachment or 100.

Streamlined email security

Protection for your email messages and attachments

Email is the simplest and most familiar way to send a message or a document, but if you work in certain industries, such as healthcare, legal, financial services, insurance and others, email alone is not enough to keep you and your patients or clients safe.

Online File Sharing offers two ways to help. You can send encrypted email right from your online portal. And the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which protects both your email copy and all attachments using encryption in one simple step, offers the security you need without adding any additional steps or cumbersome requirements to your work. And like your secure files, all encrypted emails are stored in the SSAE 16-audited, ISO 27001-certified data centers used by all DNSnetworks File Sharing customers.

Key features

  • Avoid data breaches of standard Microsoft Outlook messages with the proven infrastructure used by other DNSnetworks customers.
  • Securely exchange emails and files using 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS transfer protocols.
  • Use a tool that supports compliance for HIPAA, HITECH, CFPB and more.

An easier way to send encrypted email

Hassle-free security for senders and recipients alike

Encrypted email with DNSnetworks File Sharing is the simplest way to communicate securely for both you and your recipients. With the online file sharing, you can encrypt emails with just a click, and your recipients can reply within that encrypted email from any Web browser without needing any downloads or software installations.

Key features

  • Send encrypted emails and attachments with one easy-to-use tool.
  • Give recipients a way to receive and respond to messages securely without needing any software or downloads.
  • Get anywhere access to encrypted messages from most Web browsers and mobile devices.

Why DNSnetworks Online File Sharing?

Security that supports compliance

With over 25 customizable security settings and high-grade data encryption, so you can give employees, patients, clients and other third parties access to only the files you want them to see.

Simplicity and ease of use — No matter whether your business employs 1 or 1,000, Our Online File Sharing offers free Canadian-based customer support, and white glove onboarding for your staff.

Built for business — Online File Sharing provides industry-specific solutions for business workflows. It integrates conveniently with email, desktop and mobile tools to add security and easy file sharing for you and your office.

sync everywhere

Set up sync and never worry about backups again.

Sync your files automatically, so you’ll always be working with the most accurate, up-to-date information. Simply add the File Sync folder to your desktop and save files there for instant sync across all connected devices.

Track sharing and control workflow.

The Online File Sharing puts you in complete control over your data. Collaborate more efficiently with file check-in/check-out. Set permissions and assign access on a need-to-know basis. Receive notifications when someone downloads or sends you a file. Use two-factor authentication and single sign-on for added security. Accountability for your employees and protection for your clients — at your fingertips.

Reduce turnaround time with e-signature.

Simplify contracts. Streamline paperwork. Enhance productivity. Send files for electronic signature right from your Online File Share account. And when the files are signed, they automatically save back to the online folder where they started.

Integrate with tools you already use.

DNSnetworks Online File Sharing is designed to accommodate business regulations, policies and practices for data sharing. So whether you are in healthcare, construction, accounting or education, helps you address archiving and reporting needs while streamlining approvals and workflows. And since the online file sharing integrates with the tools you already use — like Basepin, DocAuto, iManage, Worldox, FotoIN, Gmail, Trumpet and ScanSnap — you can get up to speed fast and stay productive.

Stay productive anywhere with easy mobile apps

Get to your files, where and when you need them. Use File Sharing App on your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device to access, share, request and even edit files from anywhere, with the security you expect from DNS’ Reputation in security. See how our mobile apps work.

Get 24/7 help for every question.

Our Canadian-based customer care team is always here and ready to help. Our onboarding specialists help you set up and optimize your account and provide training for you, your team and even your clients. When you sign up for the DNS online File Sharing, our team becomes your team.

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